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We are the TECH

We have experience of over 15 years. We can help you with your any IT problems and we provide prompt and try to give you the best solution.

Corpotate Solutions

We have dedicated team and help desk to resolve corporate issues. We always try to provide a prompt service to our customer.

Personal Suppory

We treat each and every client with the same priority and importance. We believe the problem cannot be ignored even if it very small.


If you have an IT emergency, simply call our 24 hour emergecny HELP DESK

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Services that we offer

  • Corporate IT Service
  • Server Configuration
  • Networking Solution
  • Domain & Hosting
We provide fully managed IT Support Services and we take pride in being the offsite IT department for some of Bangladesh’s most recognized businesses. Our mission is to remove issues before they occur, ensuring that our clients maximize their productivity.

Our approach to IT support is customer focused and unique. By focusing on each of our clients needs we’re able to align technology with the overall goals of the business, in turn, improving productivity and reducing risk.

  • Fully Managed IT Support Services
  • 24/7 monitoring on critical devices such as servers
  • Onsite service technicians
  • Proactive resolution of any issues that may arise
  • Hardware Repair and Maintenance
  • Network Security Management
  • Hardware / Software Procurement
  • Disaster Recovery and Continuity
  • Comprehensive and Customised Monthly Reporting
  • General consultation included in your contract
We do configure Servers for company, school or any kind of instutisions such as Active directory, Internet Sharing, Intranet, Personal Cloud, Mail server. Highly configured server can make sure the security of your company as well as can control the access of internet use of employee’s, students. It is even possible that you can monitor each and every access log.
  • Linux Internet Sharing Server
  • Linux Intranet Server
  • Windows Active Directory Server
  • Cloud Server
  • Web Server
  • File Sharing Server
  • FQDN Server
  • Mail Server
  • Mikrotik Configuration

In a connected world like today, your network is key to business performance.  For many businesses, network technologies restrict business initiatives rather than support and enable new opportunities.

Designed to eliminate the hassle of building and maintaining your network on your own, our Managed Networking Services gives you the freedom to focus on your core business while leveraging the latest network technologies. We assess, design, deliver and manage private data networks and secured internet access so you can operate seamlessly across all your locations. Our network gives you the ability to adapt in real time, helping your business grow and succeed in today’s changing environment. So whether you want to jump on opportunities, reach new markets or use resources more efficiently, our team can make it happen.

  • LAN/WAN Network design and architecture
  • Wifi Network design and architecture
  • Technology strategy and road mapping
  • Managed Network Devices
  • Network optimisation
  • Project management and deployment
  • Network Security/ Firewall
  • Network monitoring service
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Onsite Expertise support
Web Hosting with us is as easy as 1-2-3, and when you’re in need, help is on hand 24x7x365 through our team of Web Hosting experts. Whether you’re launching your idea or business, or just looking for rock-solid Web Hosting, we’ve got you and your ambitions covered.
  • Automatic Backups
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Simple Control Panel
  • Free & Instant Setup
  • Round The Clock Customer Support
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We create intuitive, user-friendly websites that allow your visitors to remain in control and enable you to automate your business processes. From enticing call-to action to social media integration, we offer numerous intuitive features to engage your visitors with your website. Our ability to choose from any platforms or technology and willingness to adapt means our customers get the most unique outcome.

Our experienced web application development team has developed a comprehensive suite with numerous tools for creating world class web applications, customised CMS, CRM, custom ecommerce and shopping cart solutions, online portals, mobile and desktop applications. Our expert developers use proven methodology to devise the solutions that simplify your business processes, increase productivity and put you in complete control.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Custom Web Design
  • Website to Web Application
  • Fully Integrated eCommerce Solutions
  • Wide Range of Platform Options
  • Beautiful Brand Reflection

Responsive Web Design:

Responsive design allows your website to adapt its content automatically across devices with various screen sizes, such as smartphones, tablets and desktops. Study shows a website with responsive design increases sales, visibility, conversion rates and visitor engagement.

Custom Web Design:

Our expert team of web designers guide you through the entire process of designing and developing a custom website that will suit your specific business needs. To ensure your visitors get the best experience, we will collaborate with you on every aspect of your project.

Website to Web Application:

Our experienced team offer expert web development services that enable you to use your website to automate your business processes, respond to visitors’ interactions and store data to produce useful analytics.

Fully Integrated eCommerce Solutions:

We provides bespoke eCommerce design solutions to take advantage of the rapid growth of eCommerce, mobile integration and social media to capitalise on changes in how people search, interact and shop online in the modern connected world

Wide Range of Platform Options:

We offer a wide range of platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and OpenCart. We have also developed our very own streamlined CMS WebCommander based.

Beautiful Brand Reflection:

It is important that your website is visually engaging and draws your visitors in. Not only does your site have to capture your target audience, it should also reflect who you are. Web help develop your brand identity and make sure it remains cohesive.

Custom software, precisely tailored to fit your business needs

When you need two or more systems to talk to each other, or you have searched for software that fits your business without success, we can provide a tailored solution that is stable, secure and future-proofed.
We combine our experience in optimising business processes with best practices in coding techniques. The result is custom software that fits your company perfectly.

It’s about Innovation, Automation and Efficiency

If your current software has hit the wall in terms of what it can do, we can extend it. We can link it to other systems or custom-write new modules that give you an edge over your competition.
We can automate processes that free up staff time or perform complex tasks in less than a second.
We can give new life to legacy systems that are no longer supported by the original publisher or we can recreate them entirely to work with new technology.
If you can think of it, we can build it.

It’s more cost-effective than you think

Completely custom software is less expensive than you might think.
When you buy software off-the-shelf there are typically recurring license fees plus configuration time to make the software fit your business as best it can.

But no matter how flexible it tries to be, off-the-shelf software can only be configured so much before your business has to bend to conform to it. That means fewer efficiencies and higher costs in time spent administering those not-quite-right processes.

When you add all the costs of owning software that’s not quite right and compare it to the one-off cost of custom software development, it makes a lot of economic sense to create your own.

We can support best what we build

Our Managed Services division is very good at absorbing and supporting software for clients in a range of industries. So when we custom-write it for you, it’s a cinch for our team to support your new software.

Agile Development methodology

We develop software inside an Agile framework. That means that we make swift progress on small components that we then seek your feedback on. Involving you in the development process and breaking a complex project down into discrete steps means that your software is built faster than using traditional techniques.

We are sensitive to the particular needs of this sector, which can include a preference for simple but robust, self-managed CCTV solutions, integrated access control and carefully planned data storage/backup controls. We also understand the importance of avoiding disruptions during an install and have experience integrating such requirements into our deployments.

High-resolution, clear images are of paramount importance in the retail and commercial space where shoplifting, theft by staff, asset loss, and errors in cash handling can eat into profits.

With the right CCTV solution you can reduce shrinkage and invest the savings into your marketing and customer service initiatives.

Procuring and installing a security system for an industrial operation holds many unique challenges. These can include the sheer scale of the spaces themselves, as well as having to cater for surveillance in transient space usage scenarios, OH&S considerations and installation in hazardous environments.

We have the expertise and experience to resolve these challenges, which can include the strategic use of camera types (e.g. bullet, dome, or 360) together with the right CMS/VMS setup.

  • TAILORED SYSTEMS-to suit your specific needs
  • INSTALLATION SERVICES-project managed from A to Z
  • VALUE BUNDLES-for homes and business
  • 12 MONTHS WARRANTY-on all equipment and services

Data Seven offers complete design, supply and install services, however some clients choose to use their own design and/or installation resources for internal reasons.

In such cases, we gladly collaborate and provide obligation-free advice to ensure that we supply you with the right equipment.

We only distribute high-quality, durable and reliable technology, all backed with our 100% Satisfaction Guaranty.

Please call us to speak to our security specialists and to organise an obligation free quote.
Alternatively, you can send us an email via our contact page.

We provides hardware and software procurement services to all of our clients. Our years of vendor partner relationships coupled with a highly specialized procurement department allow us to match client needs with the best hardware and software available for each organization’s infrastructure.

As a seasoned IT consulting firm, we have the resources to test, implement, and recommend industry specific hardware and software to help your organization through every season of growth, change, and acquisition. We have decade-long relationships with a selection of reliable vendors and can offer you not only peace of mind though careful documentation and the associated decrease in returns, but a proven, consistent result.

Our level of market penetration as a hardware reseller and a Value Added Reseller (VAR) allows us to make purchases on your behalf at the lowest possible cost to your business.


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