Custom software, precisely tailored to fit your business needs

When you need two or more systems to talk to each other, or you have searched for software that fits your business without success, we can provide a tailored solution that is stable, secure and future-proofed.
We combine our experience in optimising business processes with best practices in coding techniques. The result is custom software that fits your company perfectly.

It’s about Innovation, Automation and Efficiency

If your current software has hit the wall in terms of what it can do, we can extend it. We can link it to other systems or custom-write new modules that give you an edge over your competition.
We can automate processes that free up staff time or perform complex tasks in less than a second.
We can give new life to legacy systems that are no longer supported by the original publisher or we can recreate them entirely to work with new technology.
If you can think of it, we can build it.

It’s more cost-effective than you think

Completely custom software is less expensive than you might think.
When you buy software off-the-shelf there are typically recurring license fees plus configuration time to make the software fit your business as best it can.

But no matter how flexible it tries to be, off-the-shelf software can only be configured so much before your business has to bend to conform to it. That means fewer efficiencies and higher costs in time spent administering those not-quite-right processes.

When you add all the costs of owning software that’s not quite right and compare it to the one-off cost of custom software development, it makes a lot of economic sense to create your own.

We can support best what we build

Our Managed Services division is very good at absorbing and supporting software for clients in a range of industries. So when we custom-write it for you, it’s a cinch for our team to support your new software.

Agile Development methodology

We develop software inside an Agile framework. That means that we make swift progress on small components that we then seek your feedback on. Involving you in the development process and breaking a complex project down into discrete steps means that your software is built faster than using traditional techniques.